Topic: [1711.05379] A Systematic Literature Review of Experiments.

Abstract: We perform a Systematic Literature Review to discover how Humanoid robots are being applied in Socially Assistive Robotics experiments.

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Robots in literature - Wikipedia Robots in literature. the first-ever introduction of a humanoid-appearance mechanical man that would satisfy the later 'humanoid robot' definition.

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Literature — Humanoid Robots Lab - University of Bonn humanoid calibration: Whole-Body Self-Calibration via Graph-Optimization and Automatic Configuration Selection. D. Maier and M. Bennewitz. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation (ICRA), 2015. Camera-Based Humanoid Robot Navigation. Chapter 2: Whole-Body Self-Calibration. Daniel Maier.

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RETRACTED: Review of an autonomous humanoid robot and its. Humanoid robots must learn how to carry out some tasks,be it object manipulation (Kuniyoshi and Inoue, 1994; Schaal, 1997), learning communication skills (Billard, 2002), learning body motions (Billard, 2001; Demiris and Hayes, 2002; Scassellati, 1999), or navigation (Dautenhahn, 1995; Gaussier et al., 1998), through imitation.

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thesis of humanoid robot | Charge Coupled Device | Field. thesis of humanoid robot - Download as PDF File (.pdf),. Blower Development of a Vision System for a Humanoid Robot 12 . LITERATURE REVIEW 2.R. A.

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HUMAN – ROBOT INTERACTION LITERATURE REVIEW DRDC No. CR-2012-083 HUMAN – ROBOT INTERACTION LITERATURE REVIEW by: Jordan Bray-Miners, Chris Ste-Croix, and Andrew Morton Humansystems® Incorporated

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RETRACTED: Review of an autonomous humanoid robot and its. RETRACTED: Review of an autonomous humanoid robot and its mechanical control. Harada, K, Kanehiro, F (2008) Humanoid robot HRP-3,.

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(PDF) A literature review on the optimization of legged robots WABIAN humanoid robot (left) (Yamaguchi and Takanishi, 1998) and biped robot Johnnie (right) (Lohmeier, et al ., 2004)

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Literature review of mobile robots for manufacturing NISTIR 8022 Literature Review of Mobile Robots for Manufacturing Michael Shneier Roger Bostelman Intelligent Systems Division Engineering Laboratory

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A Literature Review on New Robotics: Automation from Love. When robots are used to replace the caregiver, there is a risk that care becomes dehumanised . Sharkey and Sharkey also point to the danger of the objectification of care for senior citizens by using care robots. When robots take over tasks like feeding and lifting, the recipients may consider themselves as objects.

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