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Learn more about how we work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people through our research, resources, international work, campaigns and #.

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Homosexuality and Mental Health - psychology.ucdavis.edu Homosexuality is no longer considered a form of mental illness by mainstream psychologists and psychiatrists

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Number 50 ~ Fall 2016 - The New Atlantis Editor’s Note: Questions related to sexuality and gender bear on some of the most intimate and personal aspects of human life. In recent years they have.

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10 LGBT Activists and Allies Who Changed the Course of. Pride is upon us and amidst all of the parties, floats and glitter, we're taking a moment to recognize those who made it not just possible, but also safe.

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Research Databases : Finger Lakes Community College Library Research Databases & Database Help. Comprehensive Databases; Specialized, Single Subject Databases; COMPREHENSIVE DATABASES: Academic Search.

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LGBT parenting - Wikipedia LGBT parenting refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people raising one or more children as parents or foster care parents. This includes.

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Prospective Students › University of Michigan TOP RANKINGS for the University of Michigan #1 Public research university in the United States National Science Foundation, 2016 #3 Best Colleges for your.

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LGBT in Islam - Wikipedia LGBT in Islam is influenced by the religious, legal, social, and cultural history of the nations with a sizable Muslim population, along with specific.

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Online Resources | LGBT Health and Wellbeing e-Bulletins Films Resources for working with LGBT people Impact reports Event reports Publications e-Bulletins LGBT Health and Wellbeing.

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Research – Funders for LGBT Issues Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Global Philanthropy Project are pleased to present the 2015-2016 Global Resources Report: Philanthropic & Government Support.

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