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The Great New England Vampire Panic Two hundred years after the Salem witch trials, farmers became convinced that their relatives were returning from the grave to feed on the living

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The Salem Witch Trials Victims: Who Were They? – History. The Salem Witch Trials took place in Salem in the Province of Massachusetts Bay between 1692-1693. Historians believe the accused witches were victims of mob mentality, mass hysteria and scapegoating. The Salem Witch Trials began in January of 1692, after a group of girls began behaving strangely and a local doctor ruled that they were bewitched.

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Salem witch trials - Wikipedia The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693.

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Salem Witch Trials – Totally History The Salem witch trials took place between February of 1692 and May of 1693. By the end of the trials, hundreds were accused of witchcraft, nineteen were executed and several more died in prison awaiting either trial or execution. While these events are referred to as the Salem witch trials, several counties in Massachusetts were

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Witchcraft - * 17th Century New England This website is a portal to make it easier to access the on-line primary sources -- both in transcription and facsimile images -- of the Salem Witch Trials located at other websites on the internet.

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The Sleep Paralysis Project | Culture and History The phenomenon of sleep paralysis can be recognised in reports across different cultures and throughout history. Perhaps the most famous historic example of sleep paralysis in art is Henry Fuseli’s 1781 painting “The Nightmare”.

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Study Guide for The Crucible: Literature Guides - A. Introduction. The Crucible is Arthur Miller’s dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692/93. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, the play enacts the hysteria and irrational hunt, trial, and execution of innocent people caught up in a personal and superstitious web of accusations.

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Fact & Fiction, by Margo Burns I've been working with the materials of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 for so long as an academic historian, it's not surprising when people ask me if I've seen the play or film The Crucible, and what I think of it.

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